Artist statement - Brigitte Dahan

My artistic practice includes installations and sculptures, often monumental, and more recently digital prints.

From microscopic to macroscopic, I question the origin, nature and purpose of life. Thus, I represent the cell, the individual, the group, the species or the landscape in a certain distortion of the scale through which I question the relationship of humans to nature as well as their place in planetary ecosystems. It is also a celebration of the beauty of the living world and its diversity.

My sculptural practice mainly concerns the work of clay. Raw material of life, clay carries in itself the very-notions of original creation, transformation and new beginning which are central in my approach. The clay sculptures act as metaphors of the biological cycle. The surfaces are marked with traces, carvings, holes that I make by molding, engraving and stamping into the clay earth. Through these textures I establish a plastic vocabulary that shows the passage of time while at the same time suggesting the inevitable transformation of matter and body.

In my pictorial work, I use drawing and photomontage to create images that mix the organic disorder and geometric symmetry found in nature.